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Was patrolling last night as a prefect, not much happened, thought I caught Remus storming off towards the Headmasters room--please correct me if I'm wrong.

Work this year is hard, 6th year is quite possibly the best work we've ever done, wordless spells and advancing on everything you've learnt.  But still if my uncle wants to leave at Christmas, I might have no choice.

Vincent was sitting on the sofa of the Slytherin Common Room, he was stretched out, relaxed, smiling lightly, looking up at the ceiling. He'd give life alot of thought, and pretty much saw he was being an ass.

Well, atleast he was only 16, he could make up for it.

The cage next to his foot was closer to large then small decorated with white patterns, and inside was a very fluffy looking baby owl:

which was picking at the stand she sat on with fasination.

The owls dark eyes turned to look at the stairs and gave a small hoot as someone walked down, Vincent turned, hoping the hoot wasn't too loud to atract her attention to his feet first.
School suddenly seems a little easier to manage, some weight has disappeared after the talk, and I feel a little lighter.


School has been uneventful. Dumbledore was being normal, the "kiddies" were too loud, the place was so...

Nothing has happened to me that makes me glad I've stayed.

Simple as that.


IM: Noreen/Vincent ~Another Dead End~

IM with Noreen and Vincent, lets just say Noreen and Vincent fans are going to greatly aww and sigh sadly.

Is it just me or is Vincent like...totally blown his life?

Aug. 29th, 2006

2 days.

Was that all it was? Just two days? 

It was surprising to know that in just a few days--things would be a little more normal than not. Vincent Daray would be back on the train, to class--to start his NEWT's. To learn new things...

But he just couldn't get the gist of it, as though everything that had happened had made it sure that he had no need to go back. He didn't have to go back. He had passed his owls. He had got some qualifications, he could easily get a job. Maybe Borgin would have a place? No...

The Dark Lord wanted him to go back. Vincent's birthday was halloween, 16, possibly one of the oldest in his class and yet he felt very young compared to those he served with. He didn't want to serve anymore, hadn't he paid his due? the deaths of two people who killed his parents? surely the diagon alley incident--and the help with the family a few weeks ago was enough payment.

Vincent looked down at the mark on his skin as he sat in his bedroom, he was hunched over, dark eyes locked with the dark mark, which was even now convulsing. He afterall, gave alot of orders, all of his death eaters had to bare this pain.

But it was hard to explain such a pain when you were only 15 years old.

He winced slightly as another jolt flooded his spine, then looked out of the window, a crystal clear morning shone through beckoning those into the summer sun. They said that next summer would be the hottest summer england's ever had if this weather is the same next time.

If we survive it. Vincent thought grimly and laid down, looking at the ceiling of his room, wishing to melt away.

Vincent could barely believe that in less than a month he would be back at school, or could he believe how empty the streets were becoming, how frightened people were becoming. Vincent strolled into Flourish and Blotts wanting to look for a few new books for next years dim lit common room readings when he knew he would not be able to sleep and as he walked out he could of sworn he heard his name being called.


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